ISO 22000 - (Section 8 - Validation, verification and improvement of the food safety management system)

8.2. Validation of control measure combinations

Prior to implementation of control measures to be included in operational PRP(s) and the HACCP plan and after any change therein (see 8.5.2), the organization shall validate (see 3.15) that

  1. the selected control measures are capable of achieving the intended control of the food safety hazard(s) for which they are designated, and
  2. the control measures are effective and capable of, in combination, ensuring control of the identified food safety hazard(s) to obtain end products that meet the defined acceptable levels.

If the result of the validation shows that one or both of the above elements cannot be confirmed, the control measure and/or combinations thereof shall be modified and re-assessed (see 7.4.4).

Modifications may include changes in control measures (i.e. process parameters, rigorousness and/or their combination) and/or change(s) in the raw materials, manufacturing technologies, end product characteristics, methods of distribution and/or intended use of the end product.