ISO 22000 - (Section 7 - Planning and realization of safe products)

7.8. Verification planning

Verification planning shall define the purpose, methods, frequencies and responsibilities for the verification activities. The verification activities shall confirm that

  1. the PRP(s) are implemented (see 7.2),
  2. input to the hazard analysis (see 7.3) is continually updated,
  3. the operational PRP(s) (see 7.5) and the elements within the HACCP plan (see 7.6.1) are implemented and effective,
  4. hazard levels are within identified acceptable levels (see 7.4.2), and
  5. other procedures required by the organization are implemented and effective.

The output of this planning shall be in a form suitable for the organization's method of operations.

Verification results shall be recorded and shall be communicated to the food safety team. Verification results shall be provided to enable the analysis of the results of the verification activities (see 8.4.3).

If system verification is based on testing of end product samples, and where such test samples show nonconformity with the acceptable level of the food safety hazard (see 7.4.2), the affected lots of product shall be handled as potentially unsafe in accordance with 7.10.3.