ISO 22000 - (Section 6 - Resource management)

6.2. Human resources

6.2.1 General

The food safety team and the other personnel carrying out activities having an impact on food safety shall be competent and shall have appropriate education, training, skills and experience.

Where the assistance of external experts is required for the development, implementation, operation or assessment of the food safety management system, records of agreement or contracts defining the responsibility and authority of external experts shall be available.

6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training

The organization shall

  1. identify the necessary competencies for personnel whose activities have an impact on food safety,
  2. provide training or take other action to ensure personnel have the necessary competencies,
  3. ensure that personnel responsible for monitoring, corrections and corrective actions of the food safety management system are trained,
  4. evaluate the implementation and the effectiveness of a), b) and c),
  5. ensure that the personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their individual activities in contributing to food safety,
  6. ensure that the requirement for effective communication (see 5.6) is understood by all personnel whose activities have an impact on food safety, and
  7. maintain appropriate records of training and actions described in b) and c).