ISO 22000 - (Section 4 - Food safety Management System)

4.1 General Requirements

The organization shall establish, document, implement and maintain an effective food safety management system and update it when necessary in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard.

The organization shall define the scope of the food safety management system. The scope shall specify the products or product categories, processes and production sites that are addressed by the food safety management system.

The organization shall

  1. ensure that food safety hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur in relation to products within the scope of the system are identified, evaluated and controlled in such a manner that the products of the organization do not, directly or indirectly, harm the consumer,
  2. communicate appropriate information throughout the food chain regarding safety issues related to its products,
  3. communicate information concerning development, implementation and updating of the food safety management system throughout the organization, to the extent necessary to ensure the food safety required by this International Standard, and
  4. evaluate periodically, and update when necessary, the food safety management system to ensure that the system reflects the organization's activities and incorporates the most recent information on the food safety hazards subject to control.

Where an organization chooses to outsource any process that may affect end product conformity, the organization shall ensure control over such processes. Control of such outsourced processes shall be identified and documented within the food safety management system.