ISO 14001 Guidance - 5. Checking

5.4 Control of records

Environmental records can include, among others,

  1. complaint records,
  2. training records,
  3. process monitoring records,
  4. inspection, maintenance and calibration records,
  5. pertinent contractor and supplier records,
  6. incident reports,
  7. records of tests for emergency preparedness,
  8. audit results,
  9. management review results,
  10. external communications decision,
  11. records of applicable legal requirements,
  12. records of significant environmental aspects,
  13. records of environmental meetings,
  14. environmental performance information,
  15. legal compliance records, and
  16. communications with interested parties.

Proper account should be taken of confidential information.

NOTE Records are not the sole source of evidence to demonstrate conformity to this International Standard.