ISO 14001 Guidance - 4. Implementation and operation

4.2. Competence, training and awareness

The organization should identify the awareness, knowledge, understanding and skills needed by any person with the responsibility and authority to perform tasks on its behalf.

This International Standard requires that

  1. those persons whose work could cause significant environmental impact(s) identified by the organization are competent to perform the tasks to which they are assigned,
  2. training needs are identified and actions are taken to ensure the provision of training,
  3. all persons are aware of the organization's environmental policy and environmental management system and the environmental aspects of the organization's activities, products and services that could be affected by their work.

Awareness, knowledge, understanding and competence may be obtained or improved through training, education or work experience.

The organization should require that contractors working on its behalf are able to demonstrate that their employees have the requisite competence and/or appropriate training.

Management should determine the level of experience, competence and training necessary to ensure the capability of personnel, especially those carrying out specialized environmental management functions.