ISO 14001 Guidance - 3. Planning

3.2 Legal and other requirements

The organization needs to identify the legal requirements that are applicable to its environmental aspects.

These may include

  1. national and international legal requirements,
  2. state/provincial/departmental legal requirements,
  3. local governmental legal requirements.

Examples of other requirements to which the organization may subscribe include, if applicable,

  • agreements with public authorities,
  • agreements with customers,
  • non-regulatory guidelines,
  • voluntary principles or codes of practice,
  • voluntary environmental labelling or product stewardship commitments,
  • requirements of trade associations,
  • agreements with community groups or non-governmental organizations,
  • public commitments of the organization or its parent organization,
  • corporate/company requirements.

The determination of how legal and other requirements apply to an organization's environmental aspects is usually accomplished in the process of identifying these requirements. It may not be necessary, therefore, to have a separate or additional procedure in order to make this determination.