Benefits of ISO 14001

ISO 14001 implementation Improves/leads to

  • Level of Assurance in Organizational ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE
  • Environmental POLICIES & OBJECTIVES set by 'top management'
  • cost savings through the reduction of waste and more efficient use of natural resources ( water, gas and fossil fuels).
  • Tighten production processes, yielding higher efficiency and reduction in the risk of incidents.
  • Improve internal communications and morale - often leading to sound environmental solutions suggested by staff, who are the ultimate owners of your business processes.
  • Ensure that your organization is better placed to avoid future fines and penalties from not meeting environmental legislation.
  • Reduce insurance costs through demonstrating better risk management.
  • better public perception of your organization
  • improved internal and external Communications
  • improved use of time and resources
  • improved morale and motivation
  • Customer Confidence, Satisfaction and TRUST
  • Organizational PROFITABILITY
  • Ability to Differentiate Organization for Competitive Advantage
  • Organizational Credibility & Reputation