ISO 14001 - (Section 4 - Environmental Management System)

4.6 Management review

Top management shall review the organization's environmental management system, at planned intervals, to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Reviews shall include assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the environmental management system, including the environmental policy and environmental objectives and targets. Records of the management reviews shall be retained.

Input to management reviews shall include

  1. results of internal audits and evaluations of compliance with legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes,
  2. communication(s) from external interested parties, including complaints,
  3. the environmental performance of the organization,
  4. the extent to which objectives and targets have been met,
  5. status of corrective and preventive actions,
  6. follow-up actions from previous management reviews,
  7. changing circumstances, including developments in legal and other requirements related to its environmental aspects, and
  8. recommendations for improvement.

The outputs from management reviews shall include any decisions and actions related to possible changes to environmental policy, objectives, targets and other elements of the environmental management system, consistent with the commitment to continual improvement.